Halaman 404

Maaf halaman yang sedang anda cari masih tahap pembenahan.

You’re looking for something on Google or you come across a post on social networks and when you click on it, you get a “http error 404” or “File Not Found” warning instead of the content you were hoping to see.

Has it ever happened to you, too? The truth is that this is a very annoying thing. But, unfortunately, more common than you think.

For, running into a warning that a page doesn’t exist is one of the most frequent problems we may encounter when searching the Internet on a daily basis.

This error 404 is both annoying for the experience of your users and harmful for your SEO positioning. Since, in addition to giving negative signals to Google, you may be losing your site visitors by not finding what they were looking for.

However, this is something that can be repaired or you can choose to redirect the user to another URL of your convenience, thanks to a well optimized 404 error page (as you will discover later).

I insist, this problem now occurs very frequently on almost any website. Without going any further, on our own blog, we are currently working to try to minimize it as much as possible.

And, to better understand the magnitude of this type of problems, we will start by reviewing the definition of “http error 404”, and later, we will explain how to find and solve them.

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