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Pada suatu kesempatan, saya bertemu dengan seorang yang diduga menganut pemahaman dongeng Flat Earth yang mengajukan sebuah video tentang bagaimana pasang surut air laut itu terjadi. Anda bisa menonton cuplikannya di sini:

Yang merupakan potongan dari episode 12B dari menit 24:23 sampai dengan menit 31:54

Dari cuplikan video tersebut, pembuat video mengajukan sebuah cuplikan konten video yang dibuat oleh PBS Space Time yang berbicara mengenai pasang surut air laut. Video lengkapnya dapat anda tonton di sini:

Jika anda perhatikan betul metode penipuan yang dilakukan oleh pembuat video flat earth tersebut, maka sepertinya metodenya tidak lagi asing bagi kita. Ybs memotong suatu cuplikan video dari sumber lain, lalu potongan yang tidak lengkap tersebut dipelintir dengan penjelasan dongeng yang melenceng dari isi video sebenarnya yang telah dipotong sedemikian rupa itu. Pada kasus ini, ybs membuat suatu introduksi, yang berusaha untuk membelokkan pemahaman penonton dari fakta ilmiah yang sebenarnya menuju dongeng flat earth dengan narasi-narasi yang seolah-olah ilmiah dan dikunci dengan istilah-istilah yang ditekankan menggunakan intonasi tertentu berupa “mitos”, “itu bukan sains”, “takhyul”, dan tulisan “secara matematis gak nyambung.” Untuk menunjang pemahaman dongeng ini, maka kemudian pembuat video flat earth menyajikan cuplikan video PBS Space Time ini dan kemudian sengaja dipotong, dipelintir, dan diberi penekanan pada bagian-bagian yang berkata “wrong”, “incorrectly”, “is not correct”, dan “misunderstand”.

Setelah cuplikan video dari PBS Space Time itu dipelintir sedemikian rupa, lalu pembuat video flat earth membelokkan penjelasannya ke arah elektromagnetik, sifat air yang diamagnetik, garam memperkuat diagmagnetik, matahari yang elektromagnetik positif sehingga surut di siang hari, bulan elektromagnetik negatif sehingga pasang di malam hari, dll. Penjelasan omong kosong ini kemudian ditambahkan dengan argumen omong kosong lainnya yaitu tentang frekuensi suara yang merubah bentuk air, frekuensi suara yang merubah bentuk garam, dan sacred geometry. Pembuat video flat earth itu kemudian menyimpulkan dongengnya dengan berkata bahwa pasang surut air laut merupakan kombinasi dari pengaruh elektromagnetik serta frekuensi suara antara matahari, bumi, dan bulan.

Namun, apakah benar demikian yang terjadi? TERNYATA TIDAK.

Seseorang cukup menonton cuplikan video dari PBS Space Time tersebut dari awal hingga selesai untuk mengetahui bahwa si pembuat video flat earth itu MELAKUKAN PENIPUAN DAN PEMELINTIRAN penjelasan video. Video PBS Space Time hanya dicuplik bagian yang berkata “wrong”, “incorrectly”, “is not correct”, dan “misunderstand”, namun isi video yang menjelaskan bagaimana yang seharusnya terjadi malah dihapus dan diganti dengan penjelasan2 yang mengada-ada seperti yang disajikan di episode 12B itu.

Jadi, apakah yang sebenarnya terjadi? Saya akan sajikan transkrip lengkapnya berikut letak-letak potongan-potongannya sehingga bisa anda nilai sendiri bahwa ternyata memang pembuat video flat earth itu adalah seorang PENIPU karena ybs memang secara sengaja MEMELINTIR ISI VIDEO ORANG LAIN.

As we’ve seen before on Space Time, gravity affect the motion of all objects identically.

So if gravity from the moon and the sun is really responsible for tides in the ocean and water is water, then why don’t we see tides in lakes?

(dihentikan lalu diisi pelintiran)

Guess what. Whatever you believe about why ocean tides exist is probably wrong, even at the most basic level.

(dihentikan lalu diisi pelintiran)

In fact, every YouTube video I’ve ever seen about tides, including ones made by Smart People (nama salah satu channel di YouTube, red), explains the tides incorrectly.

(dihentikan lalu diisi pelintiran)

Typlically they show this diagram along with an explanation that goes something like this: The moon’s gravity is stronger at point A and weaker at point B than it is at earth’s center. The net effect of this differential of the moon’s gravity across the earth is to stretch the oceans out like taffy, ergo why the oceans bulge out at opposite points along the earth-moon line. Now, that explanation sounds plausible, and a lot of well known scientists give it, but as we’ll see, it’s not correct.

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(dihentikan lalu diisi pelintiran)

(bagian yang ini SENGAJA DIHAPUS)
Don’t get me wrong. The facts are correct. There really is a gravity differential from the moon at points A and B, and at least in this simplified model, there would be two tidal bulges at opposite ends of the earth-moon line. Plus, it earth could rotate underneath those bulges with no friction between the ocean and earth’s crust, the at a given location on the globe, you would experience two high tides per day as you pass through each bulge and two low tides per day as you pass through the spots at 90 degrees to the bulge. All of that is true.
(bagian yang ini SENGAJA DIHAPUS)

What’s wrong is the explanation for the bulges. They aren’t actually being lifted or stretched by that gravitational differential. Something much more subtle is happening that even many professional astronomers and physicists misunderstand, including me, for many years.

(dihentikan lalu diisi pelintiran)

So don’t feel bad. Tides are tricky. But today, we’re going to set the record straight. And in the process, understand how it could be that the ocean has tides, but lakes, bathubs, and cups of coffee don’t.

(stop sampai di sini, selanjutnya video PBS Space Time tersebut dipelintir habis-habisan ke arah dongeng)

(Bagian selanjutnya ini merupakan lanjutan dari video 453 yang menjelaskan mekanisme terjadinya pasang naik dan pasang surut yang sebenarnya. Bagian ini SENGAJA DIHAPUS oleh pembuat video flat earth)

So right up front, I want to make some assumptions to simplify the analysis and to remove unimportant factors from the picture. That way, we can better isolate qualitatively what’s really causing the tides. Here we go.
– Assumption one. We’re going to use Newtonian gravity. It’s not that Einstein can’t explain tides. He can. But curved spacetime will only add complexity without actually making things clearer.
– Assumption two. Let’s ignore the sun. for simplicity, we’ll focus only on the influence of the moon. The sun’s effects are going to work analogously anyway.
– Assumption three. We’re going to pretend the earth is uniformly covered with one humongous ocean and no continents.
– And finally, assumption four, we’re going to pretend that we can switch earth’s gravity on and off whenever we want to. You got it? Ok.

Let’s take a closer look at the moon’s gravity differential and how it manifests itself from the perspective of a frame of reference attached to earth’s center. Forget about the ocean for a minute and just imagine two small blocks, A and B, at opposite ends of the earth’s surface along the earth-moon line. Turn off earth’s gravity. What happens to the blocks? Well, relative to a frame out in the ambient space, block A accelerates toward the moon more that the earth’s center and earth’s center accelerates toward the moon more than block B. So from the perspective of earth’s frame, both blocks will separate from the surface as if acted on by some invisible outward force. That weird invisible outward force is called the tidal force. And in Newtonian physics, it’s fake. It’s an artifact of earth’s frame of reference. Remember, earth itself is acceleration towards the moon, so according to Newton, Earth’s frame is non-inertial. Now, if you need a refresher on non-inertial frames, you can check out our earlier video on the topic. But the bottom line is that in earth’s frame, the tidal force looks like anti gravity, at least along the earth-moon line.

and here’s the thing. Just like the fake forces that you perceive in an accelerating train car, tidal forces should make all objects accelerate off the surface identically, regardless of their mass. An object’s resulting acceleration relative to earth’s surface is called the tidal acceleration of that object, and it should be identical for a pebble and a pony. But if that’s true, the tidal force along the earth-moon line can’t be raising or stretching the two bulges that lie along that line. Because if that were the case, then water in lakes should also be lifted, and, for that matter, so should sand, and rocks, and you. Remember, the object’s mass doesn’t matter. Well, we don’t see things levitate during high tide. More important, the math of assuming the bulges are being lifted doesn’t work out. The tidal acceleration on objects due to the moon’s differential gravity along the earth-moon line works out to only 1/10.000.000th of an earth g, and you can’t lift something by puling up on it with a force that’s 10 million times smaller than its earth weight. Plus, even if you turned earth’s gravity off, you would never notice an outward acceleration of one micron per second per second. Nevertheless, those bulges in the ocean are real. So if the ocean isn’t being streched, then how do they get there?

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The key is to look at the tidal acceleration ob objects that are not on the earth-moon line. For instance, a block at this location is going to be pulled this way by the moon. But of course the whole earth is pulled that way by the moon, chasing after the block. So relative to the earth’s surface, the block’s tidal acceleration is almost radially inward, in other words, down. In fact, if we map out the tidal acceleration vectors that you’d see at different points on earth’s surface, they look like this. As you can see, tidal forces only act like anti gravity if you’re right on the earth-moon line. At most places, those vectors are largely tangent to earth’s surface, which would push water sideways. Now, we’ve drawn these vectors kind of big to helo you visualize them, but in reality, they’re microscopic. Remember, the radially inward acceleration caused by earth’s own gravity on objects is 10 million times bigger. However, the surface area of the ocean is also enormous, so those tiny tangential sideways pushes on all the chunks of water added up over half the surface of the planet, can produce a pretty decent increase in water pressure. So I think you can start to see what’s happening here. The ocean isn’t being lifted or streched. Instead, thanks to the cumulative sideways traction everywhere else, it’s being squeezed toward the earth-moon line and piling up there. Basically, the moon is turning the entire ocean into a planet-sized hydraulic pump, and the ocean is bulging along the earth moon line in the same way that a blister or a pimple will bulge up in the center if you start to squeeze it from the side.

So, why don’t lakes have tides? Well, largely for the same reason that it’s very hard to pop small pimples; less traction and bad hydraulics. See, unlike the oceans, a single lake is not a contiguous planet-sized body of water. Lakes just don’t have enough area for the tiny pushes on it to build up enough pressure to change water level. Now technically, really big lakes like lake Michigan in North America can generate enough pressure to produce mini tides, maybe with a couple of centimeters difference between low and high tide. But since winds and boats and aquatic sloshing will all create ripples that are way bigger than that, those mini tides just aren’t noticeable. The same is true for any enclosed body of liquid; a swimming pool, a bathtub, a human body -which is basically a big sack of water-, and a cup of coffee technically all experience tides. They’re just microscopic. Also, remember that earth itself isn’t perfectly rigid, so when water in a swimming pool rises a tiny amount, earth’s surface is also rising by tiny amount, making the change in water level relative to the surface of the planet even less noticeable.

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Now, everthing that I’ve just said is oversimplified, but I think it gets the main point across. Namely, tides have a lot more in common with pimples than they do with taffy.

OK. We’ve got a few loose ends to tie up.
First, the sun. it’s effects on tides are analogous to those of the moon, but they’re only about a third as big. The sun is more massive, yes, but it’s also much further away. Now, when earth, the moon, and the sun all lined up in space, the effects are additive and you get extra large spring tides. When instead they make a 90 degree angle in space, there’s partial cancellation and you get extra small neap tides.
Second, in the simple model of water world earth, the math says that the water level should vary by about ¾ of a meter betweeen high and low tide. But some places see smaller tides than this while other places like the Bay of Fundy in Canada have tidal swings of over 10 meters each day. So why the variations from place to place? Well, location relative to the plane of the moon’s orbit is certainly part of it. But mostly, it’s that nooks and crannies in the continents affect the details of how pressure gets distributed through the ocean in non-uniform ways. For example, some lakes and rivers that have direct ocean inlets do have tides. But instead of rising gradually, high tide can come in through the inlet like a moving wall of water called the tidal bore, which is pretty cool. Also, some variation in water level is just sloshing that’s not directly related to tides at all. The bottom line is that the finer details of tides in the real world are just kind of complicated.

So are other things that I haven’t mentioned, like how the rate of earth’s rotation and the ocean tides affect each other. For discussion of all of that, I humbly direct you to other videos and articles that are linked down in the description.

Finally, Porscher 911, one of our viewers, once asked how Miller’s planet in the movie “Interstellar” could’ve had such a huge waves without the astronauts themselves being stretched or levitated. I think that other stuff was supposed to be at play there. But nevertheless, when it comes to liquid on a planet, the squeezing aspect of tidal forces will always be more important than the stretching, even in the craziest region of spacetime.

(penjelasan tentang pasang stop sampai di sini. Selanjutnya adalah mengenai topik-topik lain dari minggu yang lain)

Dari sepanjang itu penjelasan yang diberikan oleh PBS Space Time, adakah sama sekali menyinggung tentang suara, sacred geometry, elektromagnetik, dan segala macam omong kosong lain seperti yang dipelintir oleh pembuat video flat earth? SAMA SEKALI TIDAK ADA. Semuanya berkutat pada pembahasan gravitasi dan mekanika klasik Newtonian.

Jadi, silakan perhatikan kembali KEBOHONGAN DAN PENIPUAN yang dilakukan oleh pembuat video flat earth ini dengan cara memelintir video orang lain ke arah dongeng serta bualan. Tentunya KEBOHONGAN ini TIDAK AKAN BERHASIL, jika:
1. Sang penonton dapat bersikap kritis, yaitu dengan membandingkan sendiri apa isi video PBS Space Time dengan isi video flat earth. Cocok atau tidak. Melintir atau tidak. Menipu atau tidak.
2. Sang penonton memiliki kemampuan untuk memahami bahasa Inggris. Karena kalau tidak paham bahasa inggris maka sia-sia saja. PBS Space Time menggunakan bahasa Inggris, kalau tidak paham ya cuma bisa menelan saja terjemahan pelintiran di video flat earth itu.

Credits : Marcellinus Orlanda

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